Buchhaltung Berlin


Accounting service Berlin Charlottenburg

Lohnabrechnung Buchhaltung Buchhaltungsservice Berlin


  • Accounting for current business transactions ¹⁾
  • Arranging receipts
  • Processing the Accounting
  • Administrative work

Our cooperation partner KLR Steuerberatungsgesellschaft
offers the services reserved for Tax Consultants and Lawyers.

Buchhaltung Berlin

What does accounting cost?

The costs depend on our effort.

  • You can hand in the receipts properly sorted or in a shoe box?
  • How many receipts should we report?
  • Should we accounting incoming and outgoing payments or do you want to report them self managed?
  • How complicated are your receipts?

Let’s just have a look together for a month. We will then make you an offer for a flat rate.

EKS for the job center

Are you funded by the job center and have to
Submit the EKS annex every 6 months ?

We arrange the data for the EKS and also help you with the future EKS annex!

Important legal notice:

¹⁾  Accounting current receipts and other freelance accounting activities. No tax or legal advice. We work closely with Tax Consultants and Lawyers. We mediate them if necessary.