Lohnabrechnung Buchhaltung Buchhaltungsservice Berlin

Employee Coatching

Accounting service Berlin Charlottenburg


Employee Coatching

  • Coatching your employees on site ¹⁾
  • Instruction to create documents for the accounting offices
  • Information events

Lohnabrechnung Buchhaltung Buchhaltungsservice Berlin

Support your employees

  • Customer area with lots of information and forms

Available by Phone
Monday to Friday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

IT & administration

In cooperation with Stebex Online and external service providers, we help you optimize the administration.

We can avoid double entries and save costs via interfaces between your IT and our accounting department.

Important legal notice:

¹⁾  Accounting current receipts and other freelance accounting activities. No tax or legal advice. We work closely with Tax Consultants and Lawyers. We mediate them if necessary.